Residential Treatment

Treatment activities include, but are not limited to, individual therapy, agriculture therapy, fitness, skills training, traditional treatment methods, AcuDetox, 12-Step meetings, and group therapy, which is the heart of treatment at Hoy Recovery.

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Outpatient Treatment

This program provides assessment, case management, individual, group, and family therapy. The Outpatient Program gives clients the opportunity to continue their treatment while living and working in their community.

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment

This program provides assessment and primary treatment services. Clients live at home and travel to the Hoy Recovery's Outpatient Office, located in Espanola, New Mexico, where they participate in treatment for a minimum of nine hours a week Monday-Sunday for sixteen weeks.

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We offer multidisciplinary treatment including individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, individual treatment plans, access to vocational/rehabilitative services, support group meetings, assistance in re-integrating into the community, and referral to outpatient services upon completion.

“I have learned a lot at Hoy Recovery. When I first got here, I was a mess. I was in denial and my life was in trouble. If I had not come here, I would be doing the same things. Hoy has really helped me.”

Hoy Recovery Program Client.